Cave and Cosmos

Michael Harner’s „Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality“ ist now available.  Wherever books are sold and in the internet as well as from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, – Price  15.— EUR, postage not included (from 2,90 up to 6,80 € depending on country in Europe).



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New Books about Tuvan Shamanism

The classical works of Prof. Mongush B. Kenin-Lopsan are now available in German.

1. SCHAMANENGESCHICHTEN AUS TUWA   - Myths and Legend of Tuvan Shamans, published 2011.

2. SCHAMANENGESÄNGE AUS TUWA   - Songs of Tuvan Shamans, the Algyshtar, published 2013. The book is sold together with a DVD, showing films of contemporary shamans performing a healing ritual as well as a purification; in addition there are historic videos and songs.

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Ethical Considerations in Shamanic Healing

In this article I hope to surface some of the issues involved in ethical shamanic healing, as well as to provide some basic guidelines.

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Secret of the Drum

The drum is a very important tool in shamanism. Of course there are other items like the Dayak (a wand) or a flag and the human voice - but the drum is the usual attribute of a strong shaman in Siberia.

The life of the drum is similiar to the life of the shaman: it ends at some point. From ancient times there are no drums left to us except the cave paintings or rock drawings. Until present days the drum of a shaman is usually destroyed when the shaman passes over.

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